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Low-Carbon Policy Research
GDTP  organized  iGDP and GDF hosted "low-carbon development,post-Paris Agreement challenges and tasks" held in Beijing. More than 100 experts from related institutions and organizations participated in the seminar.       The seminar was divided into four sessions: "Thirteen Five green & low-carbon development outlook," "low-carbon green city", "Energy / Carbon Emissions price model and green taxation reform." More than 30 experts participated in the discussion and shared experiences.
2016 - 01 - 24
June 17, at the Third International low-caebon Forum in shenzhen, green low-carbon development think tank partnership (GDTP), Energy Foundation (EF), green&low-carbon Development Foundation (GDF) and Green Innovation Development Center (iGDP ) discussed about controling greenhouse gas emissions.National Development and Reform Commission climate Secretary Deputy Director Director JIANG Zhao LiDeputy director of China Expert Panel on Climate Change  HeJiankunZou Ji, deputy director of the national strategic research and international cooperation centerWorld Resources Institute senior consultant fang wei quanFreiburg Chinese Affairs Department Director Chen lian
2015 - 06 - 20
Shenzhen standard organization delievered "bus, taxi companies on greenhouse gas emissions norms and guidelines" . After discussion, experts  agreed on the standard.
2017 - 05 - 29
March 24, "low-carbon China" theme activity started "green low-carbon development think tank partnership Shenzhen Secretariat" (GDTP) .GDTP launched by Tsinghua University Institute of green low-carbon development foundation, Shenzhen Institute of Building Sciences, Shenzhen International Institute of low-carbon development, low-carbon Southern Research Institute, China Energy Economic Research Center of Xiamen University, Shanghai Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Energy Research Institute, Shenzhen Graduate School, the Energy Foundation .
2017 - 03 - 26
GDF jointly by Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation (iCET) on March 13, 2015 held a "zero-emission vehicles integral mechanism" seminar in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, Transportation Committee, the Environmental Protection Agency and other government agencies, and Tesla, BYD, Wuzhou Long, Dongfeng, General Motors, Nissan and other auto companies also joined the seminar.
2015 - 03 - 14
January 24, 2015, GDF and Green Innovation Development Center (iGDP) hosted 2015 green low-carbon development think tank partners (Green & Low-Carbon Development Think Tank Partnership Annual meeting in Beijing.       In the discussion session topics, low-carbon think tank experts and representatives of local institutions discussed about "Thirteen Five" Energy and Climate binding targets, carbon trading and national carbon market development, low-carbon industry development policy.
2015 - 01 - 19
On the fourth China Charity Fair, GDF launched "carbon account"  public platform       During the exhibition, GDF held  three activities: smart trash separation and recycling ; "small bucket" water-saving actions and "Love Me Shenzhen green travel" .
2015 - 09 - 20
To establish attractive incentives for car owners to actively joining low-carbon lifestyle, GDF and Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau cooperates through carbon account, cars can be rewarded when car owners suspended using cars.  "Love Shenzhen, green travel " guides people travel by public transport, creating a low carbon lifestyle, ecology, sustainable urban life.
2017 - 04 - 25
July 31, Shenzhen's full implementation of garbage classification and reduction launching ceremony was held at the Civic Center.The current recycling machine system recognizes more than 95% of the beverage bottle barcode on the market, served with nine seconds to identify the type of goods. Thereby achieving intelligent classification, it not only can automatically identify and recycling beverage bottles, but also according to volume to reward phone bills.
2015 - 08 - 01
During the September 2014 UN summit,  "C40 & Siemens Cities Climate Leadership Award" was announced in New York. Shenzhen beat Milan, Johannesburg and other cities in the world, won the "Global Urban Transport Leaders Award."C40 Global Cities Alliance Executive Director Mark Watts said: "Low carbon cities is the cornerstone for achieving sustainable development, Shenzhen is promoting public transport to use electric vehicles in major cities in order to achieve the goal reducing carbon
2014 - 10 - 23
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